Agir comme médiateur pour rétablir la paix au travail (2014)

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La médiation simple et efficace

Un conflit qui dégénère peut marquer durablement l’organisation et les personnes impliquées et engendrer des milliers de dollars en frais juridiques. Voici un guide précieux pour tous ceux et celles –gestionnaires, professionnels en ressources humaines, conseillers juridiques ou collègues de travail –qui veulent se familiariser avec la médiation ou souhaitent améliorer leurs interventions de médiateur-facilitateur. À partir de cas inspirés de situations réelles, il propose une démarche simple et structurée pour transformer un conflit en une relation de confiance et de collaboration.

La démarche structurée et les outils proposés permettent de :

  • dénouer les difficultés relationnelles ;
  • réduire les coûts liés à l’absentéisme et au foisonnement de climat de travail malsain;
  • éviter les recours multiples et frais juridiques.

Calming The Waters At Work, How to Deal with Workplace Conflicts (2009)

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A mutiny at work?

Work conflicts are an obsession of managers and human resources professionals, since they know those little battles can have serious consequences: resignation, discouraged colleagues, a decrease in the team’s production, unnecessary sick leave, and loss of time and energy by everyone involved. How can you prevent or resolve these disagreements?

Thanks to a remarkable approach based on real-life experience gained on a sailing vessel on the open seas, this serious manual makes it possible to calm the stormy waters that can capsize even the best of businesses and careers. Whether you are dealing with mild tension between two colleagues or a full-fledged rebellion involving an entire team, don’t hesitate to take command of your crew…and save your ship!

French Version Comment désamorcer les conflits au travail: Winner of the Best Human Resources Book in 2006.

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Conversations déterminantes (Determining Conversations) (2011)

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WINNING management practices to generate more commitment. Six experienced experts come together to share their winning practices in human capital management.

  • Ghislaine Labelle, speaker and organizational psychologist with Groupe Conseil SCO and author of four books.
  • Farès Chmait, speaker, coaching and training specialist and founder of Impact-Pro.
  • Stéphane Simard, international speaker, consultant and author of four books.
  • Chantal Dauray, speaker, author of several books and president of Concerta Communications.
  • Pierre M. Paquette, trainer, consultant and president of Corpo Diagnostic.
  • Nathalie-Anne Croft, speaker and co-founder of société Groupe Conseil Pissenlits.

Below are the six chapters of Conversations déterminantes (Determining Conversations):

  1. Leadership: a key function for today’s company;
  2. Attracting, mobilizing and retaining the new generation;
  3. Communicate with your tribes!
  4. Conflict, credibility and social media: a viral mixture!
  5. The innovation triangle in four dimensions;
  6. Surviving emerging professionals.

Une équipe du tonnerre (A Winning Team) (2001)

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Successful organizations are those that have managed to incite their work teams to work synergistically.

In a super team, the manager will implement tools and a process that puts efficient teams together. By becoming familiar with these tools, a manager concerned with the work climate of his team will be able to determine why some teams work well together while others do not. He will find solutions on how to maintain a healthy work climate and to motivate every team member.

Human resources professionals will discover a valuable method to meet current organizational needs, namely through: team building. This, however, is not a miracle cure for all ailments, but can be a great opportunity to transform the corporate culture for: reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, or by establishing project teams.

“The unspoken are a major obstacle to the proper functioning of work teams.”