Conferences and Workshops


Keynote Presentations and Workshops

All presentations are available in different format: keynote (90 minutes), half day or full day work session.

Ghislaine has offered several programs in different industries:

  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Government and Municipalities
  • Healthcare
Calming the Waters at Work for LEADERS Calming the Waters at Work for PERSONNEL
Calming the Waters of Proactive Leadership: How to Create a Thriving Culture in your Workplace Calming the Waters of Conflicts: Engage Yourself in Creating a Healthy and Thriving Workplace

Calming the Waters of Conflicts: How to Deal with Interpersonal Conflict and avoid Team Conflicts?

Calming the Waters of Toxic Individuals: How to Go From Negative Attitudes to Positive Contributors?

Calming the Waters of Teams: How to “Appreciate” Differences and Become a Cohesive Team?

Calming the Waters through Turbulent Times: How to Manage your Survival Reactions and Get Back on Track faster?  

Other topics can also be customized for clients.